Hi, I am
Muzammil Khan
Muzzammil Khan

I code stuff.





herald June, 2021
An intrusion detection system using IoT, IR technology and Anomaly Detection using ML
headless-mermaid June, 2020
A mermaid.js handler for server-side rendering.
jsonc September, 2019
JSON with comments for Go!
ace July, 2019
Resource update notifier.
pagehash-go June, 2019
Go library for Page Hash.
Page Hash January, 2019
Front-end interface to demonstrate use of the Page Hash API.
Page Hash API January, 2019
Generates hashes of online resources.
dson.go October, 2018
A Go library for the DSON standard.
CatSay September, 2018
A program that generates picture of a cat holding a message.
Log-mailer May, 2018
Log mailer is a program I made to email log files.
error_pages January, 2018
A script to generate http error pages.
BitcoinBot December, 2017
A discord bot to check Bitcoin price in realtime.
swsh-keygen November, 2017
SSH key-pair generator for SWSH.
SWSH September, 2017
Secure Windows Shell (SWSH - Pronounced Swish).
Libri September, 2017
Library Management Software.
JAAI-Template August, 2017
Simple - Clean - "Easy to setup" Website Template
shiny-octo-doodle August, 2017
Some snippets I use in building desktop and web apps.
SmartText July, 2017
Encrypts messages with AES-complaint, RIJNDAEL 256 bit and share them.
BingWallpaper July, 2017
Using BingHomepageAPI to set Bing Image as Wallpaper.
BingHomepageAPI June, 2017
API to get current Bing Homepage’s details.
Unix Timestamp June, 2017
A count down to the end of int32 Unix timestamp.
OctoCSS June, 2017
Minimalistic "Fork me on GitHub".
RandomTheme April, 2017
A simple php script to load random color codes
worst-js January, 2017
The worst JavaScript ever written (possibly).
personal-website December, 2016
Website template, about, contact and projects.
Disguise November, 2016
Steganography tool for hiding files in an image.
Reader May, 2016
A text to speech, speech to text, etc., program.